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Damn you, onions!

onionDay Five came and dumped me, unceremoniously, at the bottom of a steep learning curve. So far my approach to juicing could be described as a bit of haphazard. In other words, throw something in the juicer and hope for the best. And it surprisingly worked for a few sweet days. Today, I got the payback! Last night, while preparing my juices for next day I clearly went for one too many combinations. Firstly, I put too much ginger in my morning and mid morning apple and carrot juice. It wasn’t exactly pleasant but it was drinkable. Where my full potential for deadly concoctions flourished was my lunch juice. Not only did I combine too many vegetables, but also for a good measure I included almost full scotch bonnet pepper and one very feisty shallot. The overall look of the final product was unappealing brown -ish, green -ish dish water and the taste wasn’t much better. As I was in the mood for sacrificing myself in the name of health, I managed to have few sips that night and decided that if I drink it quickly, I can pass it for ‘not so nice but healthy’ lunch.

Little did I suspect at this point, that the scotch bonnet pepper and the shallot will work miracles over night and by the time we approach lunch, this concoction will have to be reclassified as a weapon of mass destruction. Embracing my fate and knowing fair well that the taste had lot to desire, I approached the juice with less caution that I should have. I just started to gulp it down until I couldn’t do it anymore. As soon as I put the juice back on the table, I knew that this is not going to be pretty as the burning sensation hit me. I thought I could professionally spit fire after I took first breath. The onion was so pungent that I thought it will eat my stomach like an acid and the scotch bonnet pepper was so hot that I could only gasp for air. 

And so I ditched the juice. It wasn’t humanly possible to drink a sip more and not to end up in A&E. I don’t have to tell you that I was still hungry at this point and there was nothing reasonable I could get at work that will have a small impact on my fast. And so I ended up eating four dry crackers to calm the stomach and satisfy my hunger. I wasn’t proud of this but there was no other way.

On a positive note, I stepped on the scales yesterday, and ta daaaa I have 5 kg down 😉

So all lessons learned and it is only onwards and upwards my friends.

Renny x

That’s that and what now?


As you can see, my determination to lose weight the two and half years ago wilted down just about as fast as my determination to write my first blog… Not a great start, eh? Now that I am revisiting my goals, aims and aspirations it just seemed more fitting to start fresh – new name, new blog and new fire in my belly. In another words – LET’S GET CRACKING AND NO SLACKING!!! Well, that is kind off the ‘ideal world’ scenario, the past few months in real world looked more like this…


My brother has been cycling to work for about two years now, but few months ago he decided to shift some bulk and properly trim down. Yep, you can cycle every day and still be big and bulky. Recently joined gym and got really dedicated. To cut long story short, so far he managed to lose between five and six stones. Impressive if you ask me. So now that I saw that this is possible I started toying with the idea in my head that actually I want that as well! Once you decide what to do, it is pretty much straight forward to go and subscribe to the gym and get started. Said that, I had my concerns, I am a big girl, I didn’t want to injure myself or over/under do it and I knew that I will need some support for this to work. Hence I started searching for a gym and found one that offers an hour session with a personal trainer every six weeks for free. That way, I will have my training plan updated regularly and my progress will be monitored. This just ticked all the boxes. All was ready, I was buzzing, the only problem was that I knew that from mid July until the mid August I will not have time to do anything (yep I went Olympic mad…) and why would you pay for something you wouldn’t use? So, the plan was postponed till after Olympics.


Olympics came and went and so did my money… Surprisingly it turned out that you can’t sign gym membership just with a gleaming smile and without parting with some hard-earned cash… and so after the payday I stepped into the gym to sign that I will regularly (and willingly) part with blood, sweat, tears, flab and money until a new and improved me walks out of the doors at some point in the future. And where would be the best place to start than a full body check up and assessment to know where we are at, which brings us to September. More about how it went in my next post 😉

Renny x


How it all started – Part 2

Few days after that I posted my penultimate post on (then) brand new blog…

As I mentioned before, I have started thinking quite a bit about things such as – what do I want from life?, what would make me happy? and how to reach that balance. I guess it is only fair to list what actually is not right in my life at the moment or what I am lacking…

First of all I am not ecstatic about my current job. I feel like I am not reaching my potential there. It is the typical job that just pays the rent, nothing more. Where is the job satisfaction? Where is the sense of achievement? Or personal growth? Nowhere!!! So the logical solution is

1) To find job that will compliment my skills and knowledge and that will fulfill me!

Another thing I would like to change is my desire to travel. I love traveling, exploring new countries, cultures, people and customs. I love the sensation that everyday you will find something new and exciting. Therefore second point should be

2) To find more time and money for traveling OR ideally get a job that involves traveling 🙂

There are two more things that I am not happy about and would like to change, but they are more on a personal level – 

3) To lose weight

Why those two? Well, how to put it… For my whole life I was more or less on plump side of the weight scale. When I turned twenty I started to be more and more plumpy and this trend was slowly continuing. The in mid 20’s I moved abroad and in past two years this problem really escalated out of proportions!!! Two years ago I started dieting which had a little effect but after six months I gave up. Don’t ask me why as first of all I do not remember and lastly I am absolutely positive that it was one of my many silly irrelevant excuses… To cut the long story short, yo-yo effect hit home big time and one day I woke up with body that was totally alien to me. It felt like you put on a fat lady costume and now you are not able to jump out of it. So I got stuck and the more stuck I got the less determination I had to do something with. The nice fancy scales that I had in bathroom stopped being used and at some point went to the wardrobe with the intention to be out of sight.

I thought, now that I am thirty I will start again from scratch so I found the scales and it took me two days to be brave enough and step on it. I should mention that in past two years I went two dress sizes up so I knew that what ever the scales tell me will not be the best news but what ever I imagined I was light-years away from what the scales told me. Usually on these fancy digital scales it beeps few times when you jump on them then nothing and then three beeps telling you that now you can read the display and tear your hair. Well this time it was different!!! Few beeps when I jumped on it and then dead silence!!! So I looked down and the display was shouting ERROR!!! I almost dropped dead!!! No need to mention that I repeated the process few times always with the same result. So my next steps went to the Internet to find out what is the maximum weight the scales show and after bit of searching I found out that it was 150kg!!! So now I positively know one thing – I am ridiculously fat and weight anything above 150kg. I was devastated for few days hence the determination to lose weight.

Maybe you are asking why I am putting this in a blog… Well, don’t get me wrong, I have few really good friends but I don’t feel like sharing this with them as it is my personal quest and they have their own problems and in the same time if I put my thoughts out there I feel like obliged to keep my word and really do something about my situation. And even if no one is going to read this blog and just me, it is good to clean your mind and soul and write your hopes, worries and thoughts somewhere so why not here. Maybe there is someone else going through the same thing and would like some support. Or someone already went through this and succeeded and would like to give me some support. Or even if my thoughts just amuse someone then why not, it is ok with me.

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