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Damn you, onions!

onionDay Five came and dumped me, unceremoniously, at the bottom of a steep learning curve. So far my approach to juicing could be described as a bit of haphazard. In other words, throw something in the juicer and hope for the best. And it surprisingly worked for a few sweet days. Today, I got the payback! Last night, while preparing my juices for next day I clearly went for one too many combinations. Firstly, I put too much ginger in my morning and mid morning apple and carrot juice. It wasn’t exactly pleasant but it was drinkable. Where my full potential for deadly concoctions flourished was my lunch juice. Not only did I combine too many vegetables, but also for a good measure I included almost full scotch bonnet pepper and one very feisty shallot. The overall look of the final product was unappealing brown -ish, green -ish dish water and the taste wasn’t much better. As I was in the mood for sacrificing myself in the name of health, I managed to have few sips that night and decided that if I drink it quickly, I can pass it for ‘not so nice but healthy’ lunch.

Little did I suspect at this point, that the scotch bonnet pepper and the shallot will work miracles over night and by the time we approach lunch, this concoction will have to be reclassified as a weapon of mass destruction. Embracing my fate and knowing fair well that the taste had lot to desire, I approached the juice with less caution that I should have. I just started to gulp it down until I couldn’t do it anymore. As soon as I put the juice back on the table, I knew that this is not going to be pretty as the burning sensation hit me. I thought I could professionally spit fire after I took first breath. The onion was so pungent that I thought it will eat my stomach like an acid and the scotch bonnet pepper was so hot that I could only gasp for air. 

And so I ditched the juice. It wasn’t humanly possible to drink a sip more and not to end up in A&E. I don’t have to tell you that I was still hungry at this point and there was nothing reasonable I could get at work that will have a small impact on my fast. And so I ended up eating four dry crackers to calm the stomach and satisfy my hunger. I wasn’t proud of this but there was no other way.

On a positive note, I stepped on the scales yesterday, and ta daaaa I have 5 kg down 😉

So all lessons learned and it is only onwards and upwards my friends.

Renny x


yes-you-can_2Day three, and all is well in my juicing world. I was bit tired today, so my wake up time was bit later than usual and I took a short nap in the afternoon, but I think it is just my body adjusting to the juicing. On the positive side, I wasn’t hungry today. No hunger pains, just a tiny bit of a tummy grumble just before my meal time, but that was about it. Looks like my body and mind made peace with the juicing programme and are embracing it.

Surprisingly, when I prepared my juicer and started juicing, that is when I realised that I am quite hungry. It was just a sudden realisation and was shortly satisfied by the prepared juice, so no harm. But apart from that, all is hunky dory 😉

As you can imagine, my full body is aching after the yesterday’s tumble but I just keep stretching and doing everything I would normally do, just slowly so I don’t strain my muscles more than I have to.

Now, for my morning and mid morning juice I had  four small pears with good size ginger, two apples, three smallish parsnips and few carrots. It was lovely, but the pears were kind of lost in it, so will need to try something that will give their flavour more of a room.

Today was a first day I didn’t have s smoothie! Just juice all the way 😉 But I had such an appetite for avocado! As avocado is a very soft fruit, I saw no harm in actually normally eating it (you can’t really juice it…). So I put a tiny bit of salt and pepper and chilli on each half and indulged the treat. It was divine, however, next time half of avocado would suffice.

For my lunch and dinner I was pulling all stops and went totally veggie. I juiced whole cucumber, very small head of broccoli, two peppers, two shallots (for a great kick), one small scotch bonnet pepper, four tomatoes, four radishes and three carrots. I also added two handfuls of spinach, but I prepped it in different way. I don’t think my juicer would be able to deal with spinach, I put it in a blender with  about 150ml of coconut water. Blitzed the life out of it and then poured it through the blender. That gave me nice green juice.  Overall, nice juice with a kick from the shallots, the scotch bonnet pepper kind of got lost in it. I will either have to blitz her with the spinach or take much bigger one. I just didn’t want the juice burn through me, so I was quite cautious with it.

That’s all for now. Stay strong and keep juicing.

Renny x

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