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Where did the time go???

Time-runningDear me, looks like the intention to keep regular updates here went completely out of window! Work has been busy and some evenings I didn’t even feel like opening my laptop to write something up. And then one day lead to another and before you realize week past by. One week transforms into two weeks and I start panicking that I really SHOULD write something. So here we go (utilizing last few minutes of my lunch break ;)).

The good news, the bad news and the mediocre.

Towards the middle of the last week I was so spread out and rushed that my will power barriers crumbled and I caved into my temptations. In other words I had few normal meals. I didn’t go completely off the rails but I was in desperate need of some comfort foot. So my compromise was to have normal lunch but the rest of the day only juices. I have been doing this for a week and I will be ready to jump back into full juicing mode next week. In a hindsight I think it wasn’t only the stuff at work but also the colder weather and not getting enough sleep. I don’t know how about you, but I can’t do anything about the weather, however I will make it my goal for next week to get decent sleep every day. And I will make sure to stick with it. It is interesting how such simple thing can influence you so much! So this was the bad news.

The good news is that I still managed to stick to juicing for the two meals a day! I think this deserves a recognition as I could have spun uncontrollably food wise and the damage to my healthier lifestyle ‘experiment’ would have been far worse. So well done on balancing on a beam above the abyss.

And mediocre? I think it is the perfect word for my last week or so performance.

So this weekend, I plan to put myself back together and get on with it. Talk soon 😉

Renny x

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