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Oh, those weekends!

fruit-juices-of-tropical-glass-food-widescreen-470589Sunday, day four of my juicing fast, and I was peckish the whole day! No matter what juice I tried, I couldn’t shake meat dishes out of my head. I guess, during week days, I have plenty to do in the office and have set times for meals so my mind doesn’t wander around and dream about food. As I realised, that is not the case over weekend. At least yesterday I was quite busy, in and out of the house all the time, so I grabbed juice when I could. But today, the weather wasn’t great so I decided to do the usual washing, cleaning, tidying and catching up on stuff I put aside during the week. And this was the perfect playground for my mind to occupy itself with food thoughts. I had various juices during the day, but on top of that (trying to prevent any disasters) I had one spicy avocado and for my dinner I had sauerkraut. I was so obsessed by food today that I had to do something about it. Luckily I really desired sauerkraut for some reason. I haven’t had it for quite some time, but always keep a jar of it in my fridge. So instead of juice for dinner, I had bit of sauerkraut. I figured that this is the lesser evil and at least sauerkraut is very healthy.

On top of this, I am not very happy with my juicer. I bought a middle range centrifugal one and I don’t like the fact that it leaves quite a moist pulp. This of course means that I need to use more fruit and veg to get the same amount of juice. I think the last drop for me was this evening when I was preparing juices for tomorrow. I was happily juicing and in the middle of the session the juicer died. I bought it only week ago! And so I went, searched another one with good reviews and apparently dry pulp and bought it. I just didn’t want to be without a juicer longer than I have to! Devastated, that my fast might be cut short or intermitted, I went to clean the broken juicer. Once I put it back together, I thought I would just check again that it is definitely broke and guess what. It worked again! Well I am just not impressed with this so I will contact the company and try to get refund as the juicer is just not reliable at all. I will keep you posted.

Keep juicing, it is a lot of fun.

Renny x



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