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How it all started – Part 3

So, to complete the story, I should include my last post on that said blog, which was posted in March 2012…

Oh well, as you can see from my previous two entries my determination wasn’t strong enough. Actually the two years flew by so fast that I don’t even know how that happened. So I think I owe you some catch up, here are the resolutions and what actually happened:

1) New job
Yay, I got new job back in late 2010 but now I feel like I should start looking again and aim higher.

2) To find more time and money to travel
Well,  it is easier said than done to be honest. So now I just have the time, I hope the money will come at some point too…

3) To lose weight
Erm, nothing happened here so I am aiming to kick start this ‘project’ again!

Anyways, I have recently decided that I should start writing book reviews as I read a lot and I fancy doing something creative for a change. It won’t be posted here but one day I might connect those two blogs. 

Ta ta for now and I will be back with more news.


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