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How it all started – Part 1

Well, it all started in January 2010 with this post in my (then) new blog…

Hi there, my name is Renny and two weeks ago I turned thirty! I never thought it would be such a big deal but for some reason it really hit hard! When you are in your 20’s you feel like everything is out there waiting for you to discover,conquer or just experience it but when you turn 30 the perspective completely changes. Suddenly you start asking yourself what have you done so far and where are you going in your life. I have been consumed by these thoughts for past few days and came to the conclusion that I have not achieved as much as I could have and that there are few things that I am missing in my life. I knew I want to make some changes in my life but the question was HOW. I am the type of person who starts loads of projects but finishes only handful of them and therefore I started thinking about new ways how to tackle this change and came up with the blog idea. It started as a tiny thought and it grew up on me so much that today I set up this site and thought that tomorrow evening I will post my first entry. Well, that was the plan anyway but I kept thinking about it and could not fall asleep so I decided to bite the bullet and do something useful instead 🙂


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